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Tools and utilities

RBC tower guide
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Kit Checker
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There are a number of utilities built into the management studio to help players improve the facilities. The castle defense optimiser was covered on the "Defense suite" page, but there's also the RBC tower guide giving working and tested setups for every NPC tower in the game, a kit checker allowing players to make the best choices on which pieces of castellan kit to keep and equip, a food optimiser to get the right balance between public order and farmhouses, and an inbuilt resource requester allowing a fair distribution of resources between alliance members without requiring the requester to be online at the same time as people with spare resources.

There is also an automatic resource village allocator (based on how many RVs each player owns - owning more gives you a lower priority... and performance - based on honour, glory and looting, and the higher, the more RVs you get allocated), an alliance castle map with a "nearest castles" utility to get hold of the players nearest the target of an inbound attack, and soon there will be a fully functional war room to make planning and timing of successful mass attacks easier, with the ability to allocate targets to alliance members, automatically create an accurate universal timer, and keep track of each attack's result.

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