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Defense optimisers

Castle defense optimiser
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Defense page example
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One of the main benefits of the management studio for an alliance leadership - particularly war marshals and those responsible for making sure each alliance member has a sensibly supportable castle, is the defense details and reports highlighting areas that would benefit from a bit of extra work. Any general+ can see at a glance all the setup details (including castellan stats), tooling and defensive troop levels of any player in the alliance that has filled their details in, and also can pull up reports on players who are below thresholds as set by the alliance (such as a castellan with too low melee and range % bonuses, or a lack of ruby or armourer tools in a moat).

The management studio comes with castellan and castle breachability score leaderboards giving easy visible access to the weaker castles in the alliance and reports on unsupportability that return players failing to reach a number of set criteria. It also comes with a valuable "castle defense optimiser" utility (see screenshot on the right), which allows players to tweak their defensive setups with fine precision to maximise their defense strength against attacks of different types.

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