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Diplomacy and attack logging

Outbound log example
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It can be a bit of a hassle managing various diplomatic ties and arrangements (particularly when more than 5 pact or naa slots are required that the game doesn't allow). On top of that, most alliances try to have some form of cooldown outside of war for targets so they don't get repeatedly hit which often forces them to resort to open access spreadsheets and other systems designed to keep track of the issue. The management studio has a dedicated diplomacy page allowing you to list full pacts, non aggression agreements, other miscenalleous don't attack agreements, and ties them all into an inbuilt attack log system (including individual player cooldowns). Each agreement has a place for notes (like giving an alliance a two week DNA because of being mauled in a war or suchlike), and an optional expiry date.

Once set up, all a player needs to do is fill in details of his intended target, and it will automatically check alliances on the don't hit lists, and players hit recently, to make sure that the target is indeed a valid one to hit. The idea is to keep diplomatic incidents and general administrative hassle down to a bare minimum, giving people more time to get on with playing the game!

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