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Goals, targets and player improvement

Top performers page
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Goals and Targets page
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The Empire management studio contains a number of pages, reports and utilities designed to help individual players focus on areas of their game or castles that are currently lacking in some way. From loot targets to aim for in a given week, to castle defense bonuses and castellan stats that should be reached by a given level, it gives clear and specific goals for each player in the alliance, colour coded for level of urgency.

Obviously utilising tools like these is down to the discretion of alliance management as every alliance prefers to run at its own pace, but the pages exist to offer goals all the way up to a fairly high endgame performance levels. The management studio comes with a defense page that needs filling in by the user in question, a profile page giving a quick overview of how well they're doing, a goals and targets page highlighting what areas need the most work, and a number of internal alliance leaderboards to encourage people to get excited about out-doing their team-mates.

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