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RBCs, towers, events and guides

Berimond event guide
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Thorn King / Blade Coast event guide
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The Empire management studio comes with a basic guide to each of the "clone" events (Thorn King, Blade Coast and The Underworld events) and Berimond - these are not designed to be comprehensive, but are designed to give a clear and complete guide to getting all of the good normal mode equipment without the need to spend any rubies - with a good level of activity they should help all players to get 10-15,000 event tokens (talismans, pearls etc) in one of the three week event instances without touching your rubies. The Berimond guide gives a quick guide on what the event is about, how to play it as a ruby or non-ruby player, and how to maximise your chances of getting the kit and decoration prizes from the event.

There is also a full strategy guide on how to hit every single RBC and kingdom tower without the need for spy reports (ice, sand and fire are all completed, green is complete up to level 42, with the others being steadily added as they get spied and tested). This helps to streamline looting so everyone can be pulling seven figure loot figures each week.

Finally, this section has a number of useful guides on building up your account to be competitive at the highest levels - it includes the most beneficial place to spend rubies on the game if you have a limited number available, the specialised commander builds you're going to want to have at higher levels, what to aim for with castellans, a build order priority list for new castles / kingdoms, and a quick overview on how to think through defenses to put together a well planned default offline setup.

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