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Welcome to the Goodgame Empire alliance management studio

This web application is designed for any alliance of mid-strength upwards on Goodgame Studios' flagship game "Empire". It offers a wide range of utilities to help identify players needing help and encouragament, a system for players to request and receive resources in a fair order from each other, platforms to encourage internal competitions, and tools to make some of the routine and tedious jobs quick and painless (such as re-allocating the resource villages of players).

It was originally designed to log incoming and outgoing attacks on/from an alliance, to automatically manage player and alliance cooldowns and diplomatic agreements, so there's a fully functional attack logger (in both directions) tied into diplomacy management screens. You can also have custom pages for your alliance rules, restrictions, regulations and anything else, so all vital information for your alliance can be kept in a centralised location.

Once entered, the app will also draw a map in each kingdom with your alliance's castles, outposts and centres of power on (including monuments and labs), and will allow you to produce a map of all available assets (such as outposts belonging to players who have left that just need a suitable new owner). There is an RV allocation utility that will allocate RVs fairly based on the performance of each individual player in the alliance, making sure those who have very few don't get left out, and those who are performing very highly get rewarded.

It has a number of individual player guides to help give some basic instruction on how to play each of the main side events (Berimond, Blade Coast, Thorn King, the Underworld, the Foreign Invasion, Storm Islands and the Nomad Invasion), how best to spend rubies when only a limited number are available to spend, and a working and tested strategy for every single robber baron tower in every kingdom of every level (green / main kingdom currently still a work in progress due to the number of new levels just added to the game), so there's no need to run RBC spy reports any more!

At the moment, this application is free to try for a month, after which there's a low monthly cost to cover the hosting, bandwidth and database licensing costs (it was that or cover the app with adverts, and I decided no-one really wants that). If you're interested in trying out the management advisor for a month for your alliance (on any server), please feel free to contact me by email or skype (details on the contact page below), and I'll set you up.

To have a quick look around some of the available facilities, please use the navigation options above, or view our more detailed feature list for a quick summary of each utility and guide.

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